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  • [Company News] Installation downflow dust collector for decoiler machine2018-6-14
  • [Company News] CE certificate2016-3-1
  • [Company News] 1730 sets of GT filter cartridge exported to middle East2015-3-19
  • [Company News] Renhe attended in the FILTECH held in Germany2015-3-19
  • [Company News] 6B GT filter house exported abroad2015-3-19
  • [Company News] Air Intake Filter Housing2013-5-30
  • [Company News] New Grit Blasting Room and Painting Room2013-5-30
  • [Company News] Bag to tube‘ s long cartridge project2015-8-22
  • [Company News] Huadian power gas turbine inlet filter renovation project completed smoothly2015-8-22
  • [Company News] Renhe Brand Filter Cartridges Exported To Europe2012-3-29
  • [Company News] How To Identify Quality Filter Cartridge--renhe2012-3-29
  • [Company News] Environmental Protection Professional Website-GOEPE interviewed Renhe2012-3-29
  • [Company News] Imported Fcl High Quality Filter Media Successively2012-3-29
  • [Company News] RH Series Cartridge Dust Collector Exported To Turkey2012-3-29
  • [Company News] 20 Units Lastest Vertical Loaded Cartridge Dust Collector-delivery2012-3-29
  • [Company News] GAS Turbine Filter Cartridges—Exported To middle East2012-3-29
  • [Company News] Self-cleaning Intake Filter Delivered To Beijing Today, Manufactured For Linder2012-3-29
  • [Company News] Imported Large Quantity Of High Quality Filter Media2012-3-29
  • [Company News] Filter Cartridges With Renhe Brand Exported to Europe2012-3-29
  • [Company News] SIEMENS Visited Renhe Filter CO.2012-3-29
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